Interior design is so often misunderstood. It so much more than picking out furniture and making pretty arrangements for your home. It involves a comprehensive understanding of space planning, functionality, lighting, color theory, texture, scale, proportion, and an overall sense of style.

A home that looks and feels good enriches the lives and nurtures the souls of the people who live there. For a successful renovation there are several stages of interior design that cannot be skipped before we hit the stores to purchase the beautiful furniture and fixtures that make a home visually appealing.

Here is how the process works when you hire me:

  • Meet and Discover – I find out what you want for your home, how you would like to use the space and what would work for your family’s needs. We establish the scope of work and discuss costs.
  • Measure and create a working file – I need accurate measurements of your home so that I can create the space plans, layouts and working plans for the contractor.
  • Design and Plan – We start with a furniture floor plan and layout for your home, maximizing the space and enhancing the functionality in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. I then create other technical plans including electric and lighting plans, plumbing and tile plans, kitchen and carpentry plans and more. These plans are created considering your needs and preferences, building codes and practicalities. I can also create 3D computerised sketch of your home. This helps with visualisation of the space and provides additional clarity.
  • Selection and shopping days – Once all the technical plans are approved by you, then we can finalise with a builder and contractors and head to the stores and showrooms and select the fixtures, fittings and finishes for your home. I accompany you to my recommended vendors and suppliers who give my clients good quality service and products and I work hard to get my clients the best prices. I bring all the plans with me to our shopping days, I also come prepared with itemized shopping lists, so that shopping days remain focused and productive.
  • Oversee build and installation – Lastly, this is the phase of the process where it all comes together. I make regular visits to the site each week to ensure the contractors are able to deliver the project on time. I ensure that the plans are implemented correctly and work together with you and the contractor and suppliers resolving any design issues as they arise. I communicate with and check all the deliveries are in line with what we ordered and liaise with the suppliers if it isn’t. I manage the project to make sure that by the end of the renovation you will love your home.  

As you can see, interior design requires a combination of technical and creative skills to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and safe interior environment.

Are you about to embark on a renovation project that will improve and have a lasting impact on your home life? If you would like a professional to assist you in making it happen in as easy and smooth process as possible, please get in contact with me and we can get the ball rolling…