Full Renovation Process

You have found me and this site, because you are thinking about renovating part or all of your home. Something may not be working for you in your space, you may want an update, better storage or maybe you are buying a new home and you want to make your new home your own. Here is a little about how I can help you in the process of improving and elevating your home.


Where we learn about your needs and desires

The first step is to set up an initial one hour consultation to determine the scope of work, user needs and budget. It is always helpful for me to see the plans of the property before the meeting. I come to your home and we discuss where you want to make changes, what works and what is not working for you and we talk about different ideas.

After the initial consultation, I send a proposal for the design fee.

If you would like me to see you through the design and build process then we continue to the next stage.


Where we generate ideas and brainstorm solutions

In this stage we continue in-person meetings, phone calls and messages, plus pinning inspiration images to a shared Pinterest board. Once accurate measurements are taken, I create space plans for furniture and present two options for preliminary design drawings. You get to choose the ideas you like most from either plan.

The approved final furniture plan is then developed and drafted into working plans for the builder that you contract for the job. This includes building plans, electric plans, tile and plumbing plans, kitchen plans, or whatever is relevant within the scope of work included in the project.


Where we start to bring your design to life

We plan a number of shopping trips to finalise selections of furniture, fixtures, finishes, materials and order.

WAIT… hang in there, it takes time…

Administer and Install

Contractors start work to install kitchen, bathrooms etc. I am on site regularly to supervise the process. In every project there are always surprises along the way and issues that crop up, I am there to help problem solve should any design issues arise and take care to make everything right.

I place much importance on communication throughout the process to make as comfortable design experience as possible, as well as evaluating client satisfaction and feedback at the end.

I look forward to discussing your project with you!