Bathroom Redesign

Ok so we don’t ‘hang out’ in bathrooms as we do in the kitchen, but a beautiful and well-designed bathroom is also important. A luxurious, elegant bathroom in our own home can give us the feeling that we are on a vacation. A well-designed family bathroom which maximises the space with extra storage, can improve the routines and ease of running the home. A stunning powder room gives a house that extra ‘wow’ and surprise for your guests!

There are many elements in a bath/shower room and it is vital to get them right in order for the space to be properly functional.

Here is the process and some things we think about during the process of renovating your bathroom.


I take accurate measurements and we discuss layout and if there is scope to move things around and possible features e.g. accent walls, niches, storage, shower bench, lowered ceiling and lighting.

We share ideas and images and talk about likes and dislikes for colour and style.

Before heading to the showroom, I prepare a quantity list for the purchase of tiles and hardware.

If there is the option for a nonstandard design for carpentry, I prepare elevations for a carpenter.

After the purchase of tiles, I produce tile layout, electric and plumbing plans for submitting to the contractor.


We meet in the showroom for choosing the perfect tiles for your new space. We also select toilet, flush system, cabinet, sink, tap and accessories. Separately, we will purchase lighting.

I assist with matching grout to the tiles and strips/trim for the edges and corners to complete the look.

We select and I liaise with shower screen installer and if necessary, I can advise about replacing internal doors.

Build Phase

Includes one meeting with the contractor for marking on site at the start of work.

Ongoing oversee includes checking delivery and liaising with suppliers. On site visits and working with contractor should design issues arise during build phase.